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Why do you need APwins? Ninety five percent of sports wagerers are losers. That is a documented fact.

Almost every sports bettor thinks that they are an NFL expert and that's precisely what the oddsmakers prey upon. The oddsmakers play this public perception to the hilt. There are many factors one must consider before actually putting down your hard earned money on a team. Is the team at home or on the road? What injuries, if any, will factor into the performance of a team? How do the teams match up offensively and defensively with each other? What is the coaching philosophy? Which team plays better on special teams and has the better kicker? What is the weather like? Some teams, play well in bad weather. Some teams do not. Near the end of a season is a team coasting to the playoffs and resting star players or are they going all out? What about inflated lines?

These are just some of the factors one must consider before making a wager. The average bettor watches a few games reads the stat sheet and bets away their money. APwins gives you the winning edge, by knowing all the teams strengths and weaknesses, knowing the trends and where the smart money is going.

You need a winning edge. APWins is that edge.


The NBA is a tough eight month grind, You have to know how to ride a hot streak and when to back off a cold spell and manage your bankroll accordingly

APwins has had had his hand on the pulse of the NBA for decades. Art developed this through years of experience, watching the games, analyzing player strengths and weaknesses and understanding situational aspects and coaching styles and player personalities. In the NBA you have to look at "teams being played next,". Certain teams travel well others don't.

Long road trips ,back to back games, old players, tired legs are some of the considerations going into an NBA selection. Watch out for coaches who rest their better players on a given night to keep them fresh and ready to go against one of the "Name" teams, or against a particular rival. There is to much to track in an NBA season for the average bettor to make a profit.

That's why you need an expert. APWins is that expert.


Major League Baseball is the least bet of all the major sports. It is also the most profitable one for the smart bettor. With numerous teams playing each day there are so many variables to consider. Run lines,money lines ,who is pitching? injuries etc.

The average bettor doesnt have the time, knowledge or skill to successfully navigate the Major League season to a profit. APwins knows MLB is the best sport to build a bankroll, and knows how to win consistently.

Let APWins show you how easy it is to build your bankroll this MLB season.


If you are looking for horse racing winners you have come to the right place. APWins has been helping his friends and clients for over twenty years.

Beating the races takes a lot of hard work and strong information. APwins has been doing this for many years. It takes more than reading the "form" or listening to a retired sportswriter or TV personality to win at the races. It takes skill, dedication and information .

APwins knows the racetracks, the stables, the trainers patterns. The hot and cold jockeys, the hidden form. AP knows the little things that bring in big paying winners. Little things you can't get from an outside source. APwins has shown a consistent profit at the track for many years and is a true leader in the field of turf handicapping.

If you want to win at the racetrack you need APWins.


APWins doesn't just handle the major sports. he does it all. If there is a game APWins has an opinion. That opinion can make you money.

It could be the latest Boxing title fight or MMA fight. The soccer match , American and World Cup. The latest Tennis match, Golf, or Nascar.

APWins is connected with friends who are experts in every sports industry and constantly supply APWins with top flight information.

APWins is in action 24/7, we never sleep.

AP Wins

Welcome to APwins.  The number one source for Horse Racing and Sports betting Information. If you are looking for the “winning edge” and are serious about making money wagering on  sports and horse racing, you have come to the right place.

APwins uses all the latest technology available.  Combining this with hard word, dedication , talent and APs unique ability to understand the psychology of the game allows Apwins to stay on top of the the handicapping and information game. Nothing is left to chance . The goal at APwins is to make every client a winning one.

In the quest to bring winning information to the wagering public AP uses many of the top computer handicapping programs available.  This cutting edge technology combined with APs handicapping ability  allows the betting public to consistently beat the spread in sports wagering.

Meanwhile  horseplayers are cashing in on  winners from coast to coast. APwins has stood the test of time. How many services have come and gone in the last 20 years. APwins is still here,picking winners day in and day out. Do you want your shot at the money?  APwins is your secret weapon.

APwins has a simple motto “You either want to win ,or you dont”.  If you are looking to make a profit. AP is the winning edge you need.

Others promise APwins produces! artsignature



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