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 APwins continues to remain  at the forefront in horse race handicapping information and sports wagering.

For almost two decades AP has been an online presence, delivering winning information and opinions to legions of dedicated players all over the world.

What started out as a word of mouth sports service  has now developed to the point where AP has clients all over the United States and  the world.

When you need a winner at the track or on the big game or fight APwins is  “GO TO GUY” for thousands of satisfied clients

Nobody works harder to bring you the winning information.

As a sports handicapper AP uses a common sense approach, not getting locked into one method . AP uses every method available and a natural winning gut instinct to deliver winners every year to his clients.

Beating the books and racetracks takes a lot of hard work and strong information. Art leaves nothing to chance.  This combination of solid handicapping  and information, together with Arts amazing intuition and understanding the psychology of the game makes for solid investments.
Art has been betting and winning at the racetracks since he was 14 years old. Showing  a keen sense of awareness as to the workings of a stable he can spot when a trainer or a stable is going for the win.

Through years of research Art knows the patterns of the stables, when they are hot and not, when they are going to “put one over.” This experience cannot be gained by looking at the the racing form. He has studied the habits of the successful trainers and stables for years and coupled with his many friends in the industry who supply him with up to the minute information Art has shown an uncanny ability to win, not just for a season or two but over a long stretch of time.

Any play you get from APwins.  You can “BET WITH CONFIDENCE”

As Art says  ”  It doesnt get any easier than this! ”
The next move is yours see you in the winners circle……… artsignature


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